London, Twin City

July 25, 2009

Rocco and Jay


Many twinnies in this month’s batch of Times and Telegraph announcements.  Ophelia Beatrix Plum.   * Sigh*.  Emilia and Matilda are a nice set.  Pictured above are a pair born in April:  Jay and Rocco.

Evidence of Catholics and Muslims alike– brilliant for Britain’s class conscious society.  What IS up with Rocco?  Was he cool before Madge?  Is he cool now?

“Nicknamishness” persists.  See Lola, Harry, Romy, Jack.

Any favorites?  I’m in a Henry mood today.  The Henrietta Alice Clementine and Henry Horatio Arthur combos are nothing short of genius!  



Agatha Olive

Alba, a sister for Emilio and Felix

Amy Margaret and Megan Annabel, identical twins

Aurelia Maisie Sarah, a sister Finlay

Beatrice Daisy

Charlotte Shea

Darcey Sophia

Delphine Isabella Clementine

Elizabeth Miriam Catherine, a sister for Seamus

Emilia Grace and Matilda Ana, sisters for Sofia

Emilia Myfanwy

Esme Rose

Francesca, a sister for Ivor

Georgina Alexandra, a sister for Henry and William

Georgina Maria Clare

Hannah Rose and Lara Christine, sisters for Emily

Henrietta Alice Clementine, a sister for Freddie

Isadora Edith Phyllis a beautiful sister for Toby John

Katherine Elizabeth Mair (Kitty), a sister for Robbie

Laetitia Mary

Lana Mabel and Romy Constance, twins

Lola Ellen Beatrice, a sister for Daisy

Martha Georgina 

Mollie Carolynn Sarah, a sister for Matilda

Nancy Rose

Octavia Nancy Mytilini, a sister for Tobias and Tessa

Olivia Penelope Caroline, a sister for Louis and Harriet

Ophelia Beatrix Plum and Alice Elizabeth Isabella, twin sisters for Harrison and Florence

Persephone Elizabeth, a sister for Hermione, Ella and Henry

Robyn Victoria, a sister for Jonty

Sally Jasmine

Sofia Hope Cranmer and Naomi Joy Ridley

Zara Lily Noor, a sister for Cameron



Alexis Roshan Michel Singh

Barnabas James

Barnaby Rollo Horatio, a brother for Jasper and Felix

Benedict Marcus Crayden, a brother for Isobel, Olivia and Dominic

Benedict Simon Jackson, a brother to Connie

Cassius Beau William, a brother for Evie and Esmé

Charles Edward Hutchins, a brother for Emily

Edmund Joseph Banner a brother to Lara, Rory and Jed

Felix Edward Peake, a brother for Rory

Fergus Robert MacDuff, a brother to Alick

Frederick Louis Henry, a brother for Ranulph

Grainger Desmond James, a brother for Gabriella

Harry Hugh Philip, a brother for Archie

Harry Patrick Montague

Henry Horatio Arthur, a brother for Hubert and Siegfred

Henry Robin Horsman, a brother for Edward and William

Jack Angus, a brother for Callum Arthur

Jacobi William Charles

Jasper Jonathan, a brother for Freddie

Josef Elias Muhammad, a brother for Ela

Lachlan Alexander Todd

Louis William Dickson

Maximilian Edward Wilfred, a brother for Alexander

Maximilian Thomas Anthony, a brother for Davina

Oscar Alexander Louis, a brother for Max and Sasha

Oscar Charles Thomas, a brother for Bonnie

Owen Alexander Lowdon, a brother for Clio

Rafferty Mungo Kit

Rocco George Alexander, a brother for Archie and Matilda

Rory Henry Cadwallader

Rory William Franklin

Rupert Andrew Meryon, a brother for Imogen

Sebastian William Larsen, a brother for Alexander

Tobias Raphael Matthew, a brother for Harry, Tillsy, Freddie, Jem and Barney

Walter Ralph, a brother for Maisie and Albert

I Heart Freddie


The upper echelons of British society these days sure do favor Freddie.  There were at least five little Fredericks in recent London Telegraph birth announcements, plus several big brothers and a Fergus Freddie.  Other hits include Clementine, Montague, Otto, Tatiana and Willoughby.  



Alaia Marina Cosima

Annick Elizabeth

Aurelia Jinty Broad

Ava Kiloran Raymonde

Beatrice Poppy

Beatrix Mary

Betty Frances Beverley

Carlotta Lucie, a sister for Cécile, Eliza and Evie

Claudia Rose, a sister for Daisy and Oscar

Clementine Diana Rose

Clementine Susannah, a sister for Amber

Cora Fleur, a sister for Katinka

Dolly, a sister for Starr

Evelyn Molly, a sister for Trilby

Greta Emily, a sister for Francesca

Gwendolyn Mary, a sister for Isabel and Charles

Hannah Beatrix, a sister for Louise Rosalind

Harriet Eve

Harriet Robin Coates, a sister for Rory

Henrietta Jane, a sister for Toby and Theo

Hero Charlotte Moranna

Honor Francesca, a sister for Florence and Angus

Iona Kitty Cardwell, a sister for Maddie and Magnus

Isis Zara, a sister for Ella and Isla

Isla Cecilia

Leonora Jane Fiona

Lily Beatrice, a sister for Humphrey and half-sister for Jimmy

Lucinda Marion May, a sister for Freddie and Hugo

Margot Iris Eliza, a sister for Violet

Moiya Annabel Summers

Niamh Isobel Margaret

Pearl Amelia Rose, a sister for Dame Edith

Primrose Constance Handley, a sister for Arthur and Matilda

Romilly Harriet Grace

Sylvia Joan Margaret, a sister for Wilfred

Talulah Isabel, a welcome sister for Maximilian

Tatiana Adairia Lucy

Tatiana Helena Tarrell, a sister for Lola

Thalia Françoise Jock and Céleste Margaret Alice, sisters for Ava

Violet, a sister for Phoebe, Daisy and Polly

Violeta Sophia

Willow Agatha Rose, a sister for Daisy and Iris


Alexander William Michael Carlton

Arlo Alexander Telfer, a brother for Wilf and Hermione

Cameron Balthazar, a brother for Benjamin and Tatiana

Casper Jack

Edward George Langton, a brother for Guy and Iona

Edward John Blenkarne, a brother for Clementine, Theodora and Henrietta

Elwyn Peter Francis, a brother for Isla

Fergus Freddie

Frederick Charles Venables, a brother for Billy and Lily

Frederick Francis Maxwell, a brother to Madeleine and Jemima

Frederick George Herbert

Frederick James Stanford

Frederick ‘Freddie’ Thomas, a brother for Sam, Ollie and Will

Gilbert Reginald Stanley, a brother for Wilfred, Kitty and Florence

Gruffydd Matthew Dylan

Hamish Alexander

Harry, a brother for Max, Claudia and Antonia

Henry Monthem Deavin

Ivor Murray Philip

Jem Somerset, a brother for Loveday and Seth

Jude Ernest Lord

Lawrence Peter James, a brother for Verity and Ivo

Louis Deeks, a brother for Jack Calveley

Lucas Vaughan, a brother for Amelia and Madeleine

Montague James Julian

Montague William David

Oliver Valentine Page

Otto Benjamin, a brother to Barnaby and Orlando

Otto David

Patrick Iwan Fenwick, a brother for Rex

Ralph Houssemayne, a brother for Charlotte

Reuben George, cousin to Louisa, Nathan and Lydia

Rufus William Edmund, a brother for Stanley and Jasper

Sebastian Aleksander, a brother for Izabella

Sebastian David Eccles

Stanley John, a brother for Holly May

Thomas Albert Rupert

Thomas Alexander Paget

Toby Edward Fothergill

Tom Osborne and Ben Macintosh, brothers for Georgie

William James Waterbury, a brother for Oscar

William Robert Willoughby, a brother for Anastasia, Octavia and Antonia

Willoughby Peter Wreford, a brother for Natalia





“It’s like Christmas” wrote one commenter when I posted another list of the London Telegraph birth announcements.  

What is it that we find so compelling about these names?  Is it that they can and do take chances, knowing full well that a little Kitty or Hubert will have all the advantages in life regardless of what they are named?  Is it the uncharted territory and venerable history?  The artful combinations of three and sometimes four given names?

Does anyone know an American child named Hector who isn’t Latino?


Agatha Constance, a sister for Dougal

Agatha Plum, a sister for Martha and Molly

Alexine Anna Violet Hedwig

Alis Ceinwen, a sister for Ioan and Elan

Alys Thérèse, a sister for Hugh

Antonia Isabel, a sister for Harriet

Anushka Mary Helen, a sister for Giselle, Saskia and Ophelia

Aurelia Constance Eleanor, a sister for Clementine

Cecilia Cristina Viktoria, a sister for Astrid

Cecilia Katherine Ottilie, a sister for Romilly and Penleigh

Cecily Aurelia Marie-Astrid, a sister to Lavinia and Maximilian

Daisy Beatrice Antonia, a sister for Eliza

Daisy Iona Scott Sinclair

Davina Alice Louisa, a sister for Alexander

Dolores Hephzibah a sister for Anselm Carmel and Emmanuel

Dora Elizabeth Oates, sister for Arthur

Elspeth Alice Eugénie, a sister for Hugh

Fenella Rose, a sister for Charlie and Hubie

Flora Charlotte Anne

Flora Francesca, a sister for Iona

Harriet Mary Joy

Harriet Rosemary

Henrietta Matilda

Hester Clementine Elizabeth, a sister for Imogen

Honor Rose and Imogen Joan

Imogen Aurelia Virginia

Inés Monica Ester, a sister for Adelaida and Yolanda

Jemima Fleur, a sister for Archie

Lucinda Mary May

Lula Seeley, a brother for Farley

Ophelia Mary Ann, a sister for Imogen

Ottilie Judith Harriet, a beautiful sister for Rupert

Ottilie Mary, a sister for Bee

Matilda Florence Ophelia and George James Hugo, twins

Pearl Edith Meryl, a sister for Louis

Perdie Jemima Ramply, a sister for Amalie

Poppy Jemima

Poppy Loveday Beatrix, sister for Isabelle and Olivia

Sacha Jane Marion

Tabitha Ruth

Thalia Violetta Carlisle, a sister for Isla and Clementine

Violet Ottoline, a sister for Scarlet

Virginia Constance Juliet

Willa Lucinda Penelope



Alexander Angus Phoenix

Algernon MacMahon

Arthur Augustus McSharry

Basil Ferdinand Abbott

Bruno Marmaduke Noel

Charles James Cedric, a brother for Darcy

Finn John Edward, a brother for Louis, Connie and Niamh

Francis David Simon, a brother for Honor

George Brewster, a brother for Verity

Frederick Richard Rufus, a brother for Arthur

Hector Foxx

Hector Michael Angus

Hector Patrick Jack, a brother for Charlotte

Hector Ralph Charles, a brother for Falconer Jack

Hector Timothy

Henry Bartholomew Whiley, a brother for Barnaby

Humphrey John, a brother for Arthur and Lysander

Inigo Valentine Charles

Laughlan Oscar

Louis Ivo Hamilton, a brother for Isla

Magnus John Kerr

Milo John Crockett, a brother for Felix

Milo Simon, a brother for Archie and Bertie

Oliver Reckless Hyatt, a brother for George, Grace and Henry

Orlando John Sebastian, a brother for Alexander and Georgia

Otto George Merlin, a brother for Santa and Kit

Percy John Brodie

Piers Charles Benjamin

Rafe Michael Waldorf

Toritseju Alexander Richard Beau Oluwanifemi

Wilbur Willis Benjamin, a brother for Flynn


Pictured:  Dining Hall in Queen Mary’s dollhouse


She’s here!  The third jubilantly named daughter for chef Jamie Oliver and his wife Jools, Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver made her debut early this morning in London.  She joins big sisters Poppy Honey and Daisy Boo.  

Petal and Blossom seem redundant to me, both mirroring each other and the sisters, but I like the flow together.  Would have skipped Rainbow– takes an over-the-top name with some charm into Fifi Trixibelle territory. 

HOW did I miss this one on Complete the Celebrity Sibset you ask?  No idea, because I’ve been anticipating this.  So I ask now, what would you have named her?  I have a penchant for Primrose, Marigold, and Lavender– though not together in one name.  What about:

Primrose Ottilia

Marigold Charm

Lavender Lucy

Purple Mountain Majesty

February 27, 2009



As February comes to a close, I’m reminded of the things the month means to me:  Valentine’s day, finding out that I was going to become a mother for the first time, and my own mother.  This is Mama’s birth month, and I’ve spent many hours trying to figure out how I might honor her in some way.  Her birthstone is Amethyst, her flower the violet (and sometimes Iris).  All of these things come in a purple hue.  So in remembrance of the color of passion, royalty, and my mom, I present purple names.  


Amaranth- Both a medicine and a poison

Amethyst- One of the funniest meanings I’ve yet to come across: in Greek this translates to “not drunk”; February’s birth stone

Aster- Rita’s daughter on Dexter may inspire a few?

Berry- Makes for darling middle if you have this in your family tree

Crocus- Crocodile meets locust?  Well, they come in purple anyway.

Dahlia- A name I like to champion; underused in my opinion

Daphne- means “laurel” in Greek

Freesia- Frigid or freeing?  You decide.

Fuchsia- Pleasing to the ear, but a devil to spell!

Glory- For morning glories

Hibiscus- This one would really need a workable nickname.  Try Ibby on for size.

Hyacinth- Anyone remember “Keeping Up Appearances”?  Hyacinth’s character may not be the best namesake, but she sure made us laugh.  Her sisters are the upper class Violet, the cartoonish down-and-out Daisy, and the sex-addicted Rose.

Indigo- So this leans a little bluish;  it’s making inroads on both sexes

Iolanthe- Greek for “violet”

Iris- Top of the pop amongst those in the know, also has the lovely meaning “rainbow” in Greek

Jacinda, Jacinta- From the Latin for “hyacinth”

Laurel- Who brings with her Laura, Laurence, Lawrence, Lauren

Lavandula- The genus for lavender

Lavender- I heard this on a real life girl and found it charming

Lilac- One with real potential, but few seem to consider it

Lydia- Said to be a “seller of purple”, which may mean that she sold cloth and other goods to royalty and the wealthy

Magenta- My favorite Rocky Horror Picture Show gal, and Blue’s cousin from Blue’s Clues

Mauve- A cross between Maeve and Maude

Myrtille- “Blueberry” in French

Orchid- Though this is one of the loveliest of flowers, take caution that its meaning derives from orchis, or “testicle” in Latin

Periwinkle- My favorite Crayola, Perry makes this *almost* usable (but not quite)

Pansy- Due to connotations, this may be better left in the middle or on your kitten

Plum- Plum Sykes is the best known bearer, but this has real potential

Primrose- Too prim for most, it sets just the right sweet British-inflected tone for others

Primula- The primrose genus

Prune- Evidently quite chic in Paris, this is actually the French word for the ripe plum

Rose- Roses come in nearly every shade, my favorite perhaps being lavender 

Thistle- Reservations with this one as it rhymes with bristle

Uva- While Uva could be just a step away from Ava, know that it means “grape”

Verbena- The sweetest little flower

Violet, Violetta, Violette, Viola- Let’s not forget about Violet’s equally sweet and underappreciated companions

Wisteria- I once met child sisters Primrose, Wisteria, and Violet

This is Just to Say

I have eaten
the plums
that were in
the icebox

and which
you were probably
for breakfast.

Forgive me
they were delicious
so sweet
and so cold.
- William Carlos Williams




January 17, 2009


England may be cheating us out of national statistics this year, but we can delight that the London Telegraph continues to print the birth announcements of the wealthy and connected.  

Most of the names here are distinctly British, or at least distinctive.  I dig the alliteration of Constance Cordelia, Agatha Appoline, Jemima Juliet and Margot Mary. There are also a lot of babies who stood out in part because of the fabulous sibling groups: Leopold and Ambrose; Iona, Ru, Eléa and Archie; Woody, Hector, Jago and Ayre; Finty, Heby, and Ottilie.  Wonder what some of these are short for?  There’s precisely one combination below I would steal for myself, but I’m not telling what it is– I like it that much!  

My favorite announcement was one that read: “Mother doing well. Father drunk!”


Agatha Appoline, a sister for George

Agatha Harriet Grace, a sister for Dominic

Annabel Ruth and Alice Louisa, sisters for Thomas and Kate

Arabella Imogen May, a sister for Charlie and Georgina

Aurelia Caroline Melesina, a sister for Felix

Beatrice Nesta

Bethan Eira, a sister to Tomas Ieuan

Constance Cordelia, a sister for Harry and Freddie

Constance Tabitha, a sister for Arabella and Archie

Eilidh Vina

Fenella Mary

Flora Hamilla Forbes

Flora Hermione Iona, a sister for Angus

Freya Harriet Elizabeth

Georgiana Rosie Catalina, a sister for Thomas and Isabella

Georgina Beatrice Daphne

Harriet Emily Florence, a sister for Annabel

Henrietta Emily, a sister to Francesca and Georgina

Hester Mary

Ignatia Mary Alice

Imogen Daire McInnes (Daire)

Imogen Julia Margaret

India Pearl, a sister for Daisy

India Zelda Jane, a sister for Thea

Jemima Juliet, a sister for Elie and Ben

Jess Alicia, a sister for Archie and Paisley

Jessamy Eva, a sister for Freddie

Katinka Rose

Lara Ceinwen

Lucya Nicola, a sister to Freya, Maya and Lilya

Margot Mary

Mary Agnes Elisabeth, a sister for Wilfrid and Humphrey

Minna Rose

Nancy Alexandra

Octavia Natasha Louise, a sister for Lucinda

Ottilie, a sister for Finty and Hebe

Penelope Fanta Florence

Penelope (Poppy) Muriel Florence

Phoebe Aurelia Anunziata, a sister for Algy and Octavia

Pia Joséphine, a sister for Jemima

Posy Clementine, a sister for Kip and Effie

Rosalie Elizabeth, a sister for Alice

Saskya Catherine Joan

Tilly Ann

Ursula Isabel Langdale, a sister for Alicia and Emilia

Violet Polly

Willa Alice Martha, sister to Tom and Poppy

Xanthe Ann, sister to Zara



Ambrose Liam Alexander, a brother for Leopold

Angus Rory Alexander, a brother for Ellen

Archie Christopher Steuart, a brother for Iona, Ru and Eléa

Archie John Wellington

Arthur George Congreve, a brother for Dorothy

Ayre Alastair, a brother for Woody, Hector and Jago

Benedict Rufus, a brother for Florence and George

Bertie Arthur Andrew, a brother for Molly

Cameron John Sébastien, a brother for Hamilton, India and Orlando

Caspar Francis Spiegelberg

Edward Guy Cecil

Edward Hector James, a brother to Isabella

Elias Constantin Raphael, a brother for Kiran

Ethan Clive des Voeux

Finlay David, a brother for Neave

Francis Doune Montresor Romaine, a brother for Inca and Inigo

Frederick Hugh Rainer

Harvey Albert Peter

Hector Oliver Linton, a brother for Hal and Bini

Hugh Coningsby Russell, a brother for Claudia

Hugo Paul Ernest

Humphrey Thomas Lambarde, a brother for May and Beatrice

Ioan Llyr Philip

Ivo William Casimir, a brother for Katya, Tabitha and Claudia

James Peregrine

John Philip, a brother for Demelza 

Osbert William Norby (Bertie), a brother for Charlie

Percy Arthur Charles

Percy Roderick

Rafferty James

Ralph Paul, a brother for Finn.

Rufus Jago Llewelyn, a brother for Henrietta

Silas Edward Wilfred, a brother for Sam, Martha May and Rosie

Thady Luke Ralph

Theodore Quincy (Teddy)

Ty Preston Valentino

Wilbur Alfred Beaumont

Xander James Ogilvie


October 12, 2008

Swoonworthy monikers leaped off the page in recent London Telegraph announcements. I’m particularly riveted with unexpected combinations and precious jewels found in the middle spots. Ranging from the Lofty (Willoughby) to the diminutive (Kitty) to the downright kooky (Rokeby) or old-fashioned (Dorothy), these names span quite the spectrum. The one unifying element is that they somehow all manage to sound very British. Shall they remain so, or should we Yanks adopt one or two?


Young Ladies

Alice Irene Rosalie

Bethan Ellen Louise

Bo Mali

Camilla Kiki, a sister for Arabella

Cassia Charlotte Anne

Celia Mimi Alice

Clementine Alice India

Clementine Eleanor

Dorothy Diane

Elöise Nuala, a sister for Sophie

Flora Madeleine Mary

Florence Liberty Opal, a sister for Badger and Clementine

Harriet Victoria McCleery

India Chloé Allegra

Indigo Josephine

Isabella Coco Jane

Jahzara Rose, a sister for Alia

Kitty Mary, a sister for Zara, Bertie, and Archie

Lettice Mimi Hespa, a sister for Beatrice

Lila Corinna, a sister for Matilda, Cosmo and Jemima

Mimosa Araminta Agnes, a sister for Florence, Poppy, Posy, William and Theo

Mirabel Anna Colette, a sister for Florence and Barnaby


Olimpia Kitty Prudence (Kitty),a sister for Archie and Eliza

Polly Virginia Octavia, a brother for Felix

Saskia Ashkhain Anne, sister to Constantine

Scarlet Kiloran Harper, a sister for Milo and Tallulah

Tabitha Poppy Roux

Tatiana Xanthe Perugia Lettice


Tippi Anne

Verity Grace, a sister for Bertie



Little Gentlemen

Acer William, a brother for Jago and Lysander

Archibald James Livesey

Arthur Bartlett, brother for Fleur

Bartholomew William Hoffman, a brother for Albert

Caspian Daniel McTeer, a brother for Coco

Cassius, brother to Malachi and Raffi

Dexter, a brother for Theo and Violet

Gulliver Ellis Jack, a brother for Sampson

Enzo Osman Mpho

Frederick Arthur Seth (Freddie) and William Rufus John (Will), twins, born either side of midnight so they have their own birthdays

Frederick George Virtue

Hamish Albert Maurice, a brother for Finian

Havana Rex

Horace Charles, a brother for Rory

Hugh Philip Peyton

Jonty Andrew, a brother for Freddie

Kit Thomas Simeon, a brother for Betty, Hebe and Felix

Louis Frederick

Ludo Oliver Woodley

Milo Guy John

Montgomery Anthony Hector

Rhys Mark Tobias, brother for Calum

Rokeby Anthony Edward, a brother for Ava

Rory Alexander Maclaren

Rufus Ludovic, a brother for Rose

Willoughby Frederick Charles

Willoughby Sebastian Auberon, a brother for Orlando and Felix


Quintessentially British

August 21, 2008


Well, they’ve gone and done it again.

Last month I posted about birth announcements from the upper crust London Times and Telegraph.   Now they’ve had more babies.  So I plucked a few that stood out to me.  Not all are English, some are quintessentially Scottish or Irish or even Italian. The family that just had its twelfth child has remarkably good taste I think!  Though five of the nine sisters’ names do rhyme.  They named the tenth Decima, which indeed means “tenth.”  There were a lot of repeating announcements, which explains why the Times list is a little thin.  I might poach Ianthe, Leonora, Arthur, and Otto.  You?


From the Telegraph

Algie Rafe Nicholas Charles

Alice Lily, a sister to Rosa and Mae

Angus Hugh Donald, a brother for Cameron, Archie and Fergus

Annika Sofi Rose

Archibald Frederick Ferguson

Alexandra Eugenie

Aubrey Bernard Quarm

Beatrix Caroline Auriol

Benedict Magnus

Boris Maxwell Darcy, a brother for Emily and Jemima

Campbell Arthur Harbottle, a brother for Talford

Daisy Dolores, a sister for George

David Reid Laing Bathie

Donncha James Patrick, a brother for Saoirse

Eléonore Béatrice Lilly

Ferdinand Rupert Henry, a brother for Otto

Florentina Emilie, a sister for Georgina, Christopher, Charlie, Clementina, Gabriella, Montgomery, Cordelia, Angelina, Seraphina, Decima and Delphine

Frederick Cecil Taylor

Grace Saffron Geraldine Evelyn, a sister for Oscar

Harriet Beatrice, a sister for Phoebe and Matilda

Honor Cecilia Ianthe, a sister for James

Hugo Harold Francis, a brother for Libby and Dominic

Imogen Grace Katharine, a sister to Nicholas, Amelia, Alexander, Theodore and Hugh

India Ruby

Jago Sebastian Anthony

Linus Merlin Alexander, a brother for Florence

Llywela Susan Gardiner

Monty Rupert FitzJohn and Florence Molly, twins, a brother and sister for Felix

Oliver Francesco, a brother for Valentina and Giorgio

Ophelia Jane Atalanta, a sister to Perdita, Cressida and Orlando (mother’s name is Portia)

Ottilie Scarlett Sarah

Otto Bear Oliver, a brother for Tiger

Piers Anthony, a brother for Jemima

Polly Hannah Lyell, a sister for Scout

Poppy Virginia Kirsty, a sister for Oscar and George

Ruby Rosalie

Saul Elmo, a brother for Seth

Somerled Euan Alexander, a brother for Honor

Tabitha Lois

Talitha Leonora Pol, a sister for Orlando and Caspar

Tansy Eleanor Mackenzie, a sister for Matilda

Tatiana Xanthe Perugia Lettice

Wilfred George Stanley, a brother for Samuel

Wilfred Robert Hawksmoor


From the Times

Artemis Blossom

Arthur Frith Newton

Casper Felix Christopher

Cassia Elise, a sister for Sebastian and Augustus

Cosima Else Jane 

Florence Susannah Eugenie and Ianthe Laine Dorothea, twins 

George Julius Clive, a brother for Cosima

Henry Jean Perry Goodbody

Ivo Blair

Louie Rafferty

Maximillian George, a brother for Frederic

Rocco Samuel Jupiter Nicolo John, a brother for Isabella and Zachary

Rose Christabel Calypso, a sister for Agnes and Beatrice

Sachin Jack Lipscomb

Sinéad Nuala Rachel, a sister for Oliver

Whittaker Jon Oakley


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